New NatalCard App

About The NatalCard

The NatalCard is a technology business that manages the ticketing system of the bus fleet of the associated companies from Natal/RN/BRA with more than 800 buses for urban passengers of this town.

The Chalenge

Following its policy of always improve technologies that involve the ticketing system and aiming to make life easier for users, they developed, in partnership with ConcisoTI, the application My NatalCard, available in Android and IOS version. This App aggregates information and services for student ID card users and NatalCard Pass Card users. Among the services, we highlight the sale of electronic tickets for students and the card balance inquiry.

The deadline for product development was only 03 months and the requirements very audacious. The application should be robust with the ability to adapt to access demands and protected by well-structured security controls given the natural exposure that a utility billing system holds.

The Solution

ConsisoTI team, with our support (Forte Network), were able to develop the software from scratch and launch it in record time in less than three months.

In cooperation with Amazon Web Services, leveraging its many services, Forte Network readily provided the developer team with an enabling environment to accelerate application design while developing the architecture and processes for use in test and production environments. In addition to training to implement the proper software development and deployment processes for AWS.

The final solution, already launched, works in a highly available environment with automatic scalability and continuous integration of the source code in both test and production environments, which made the development more agile through small and constant changes in the system. Allowing us to meet resilience, time and cost requirements.

In addition to the aspects already mentioned, the application of robust security controls was essential. To meet customer security requirements, controls have been created in the most diverse layers of cloud infrastructure, from creating subnets with restrictive access controls, instance management access rules, control and activity logging of cloud management users, cloud metric monitoring and web application firewall and logging.

Every architecture, today tested and approved by the customer, has provided the customer with a cost-effective, high resiliency, high performance and scalable solution.


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