Managed Services

IT Operations Management

Free your team to focus their efforts on your company’s strategic activities. Forte Network manages the day-to-day operations of IT Infra through automated DevOps and monitoring systems operated by highly skilled professionals focused on availability, performance, security and user experience. All activities are recorded in a support system connected to different communication channels and that allows full transparency and monitoring of the activities by the customer.


Integration, deployment and continuous delivery of software, keeping systems updated to the latest available versions, automating the entire application lifecycle, including testing, all in a scalable and flexible pipeline. Managed DevOps enables computing environments to be dynamically provisioned and versioned through infrastructure-defined code.


Proactively monitor applications, from the infrastructure to the user experience, and understand everything that happens with the software environment, allowing the antecipation to the problems or it’s quick resolution. All easily observable through customized and interactive dashboards. Get notified via email alerts, SMS and other communication channels of your choice.

Help Desk

Specialized technical support whenever you need it via email, phone and other customer communication tools. All recorded in our own ticket management system with control of customer-agreed SLAs, including response time, demand response time, problem resolution time and more.