About us

Founded in October 25th, 2002, in Natal/RN – Brazil at the Incubator Company of the Federal Institute of Technology (NIT/IFRN) as a start-up business. We have been operating in the IT market for over 15 years, providing services of proven excellence. Seeking the cutting edge position in technology, our company invests in qualified professionals. We are in a constant process of training to bring to our customers the best technology and information security solutions.

Business Objetcives

  • Provide the best IT and Information Security solutions through consulting services.
  • Deliver specific services and products related to the solutions suggested.
  • Provide Managed IT Service using ours config management, monitoring and compliance solutions.

Mission Statement

Provide services and technology solutions to ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality to the most diverse information systems, through qualified professionals to meet customers needs.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as a national reference as an IT Consulting specialized in Cloud Computing, IT infrastructure, Computer Network and Information Security solutions, delivering the solutions that best suit to each customer’s actuality.

Core Values

  • Credibility
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Availability

Guiding Principles

  • Customer Trust
  • “That’s my job”
  • Simplify and Innovate
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Go Deep
  • Focus on What Matters